Aljur Abrenica Reveals in ‘Constant Communication’ w/ Kylie Padilla

Aljur Abrenica Speaks on Situation with Kylie Padilla Now

ALJUR ABRENICA – The Kapamilya actor revealed that the communication between him and his estranged wife, Kylie Padilla, is “constant”.

One of the celebrity breakups that left countless hearts saddened this year is the split of Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla. A huge part of their love story is no secret to the public.

Many people know how Aljur and Kylie fought for their love for each other. They broke up before but they still managed to get back to each other’s arms and start a family.

In August 2017, Kylie and Aljur were blessed with a son as their eldest and they named him Alas Joaquin. In December the following year, the celebrity couple officially tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate wedding.

In December 2019, Aljur and Kylie welcomed another member to their family – another baby boy they named Axl Romeo. A lot of people admire the happy family of the couple.

However, months ago, there were rumors and speculations that Kylie and Aljur have separated. Initially, it was debunked by photos of the couple showing they are still together, but, eventually, it was confirmed that indeed they are no longer together.

Amid the issues surrounding their separation, Aljur Abrenica challenged Kylie Padilla to tell the public the truth on who cheated first in their marriage. It was followed by the actress speaking in an interview with Kapuso TV host Jessica Soho stressing that it’s hard for her to admit something that she did not do.

Recently, Aljur spoke regarding Kylie’s interview. Speaking to Jobert Sucaldito, the actor said that while he was watching his ex-wife, he remembered the good times they shared together. According to him, the public saw their appreciation and love for each other but it is just that they arrived at the point where they are not happy anymore.

The actor also shared that when she was pregnant with Alas, he really stopped working for nine (9) months to be on her side. He assisted her daily and he cooks noodles for her which was her cravings then. Based on the report, he stressed that he has a lot of beautiful memories of his family.

Despite what happened to their marriage, Aljur Abrenica expressed that he and Kylie Padilla are still in “constant communication” most especially when it comes to their children. According to him, he is already done with the forgiveness stage now and he has already forgiven himself. He is currently on the part of “acceptance”.

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