Kylie Padilla To Cristy Fermin: “Wag nyong hintayin mag salita ako tungkol sa inyo…”

Kylie Padilla Warns Cristy Fermin

KYLIE PADILLA – The Kapuso actress whose split with husband Aljur Abrenica is surrounded by issues posted a message for Cristy Fermin.

Many people were surprised when it was confirmed that Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla broke up. It is no secret to the public that the former couple went through a lot as they fought for their love.

Aljur and Kylie officially tied the knot in 2018 in a luxurious but intimate wedding that gathered their family and closest friends. Then, they already have a son – Alas Joaquin.

A year after their wedding, Kylie and Aljur welcomed another member of their family – another baby boy they named Axl Romeo. They were an image of a happy family and it inspired a lot of people.

Kylie Padilla, Aljur Abrenica

However, early in 2021, there were already rumors that Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica‘s relationship are on the rocks. Meanwhile, it was put down by photos of them together during the actor’s birthday.

A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Aljur and Kylie have really decided to go separate ways. Their split is surrounded by issues and accusations including third party as the reason on the part of the actor.

Recently, many were shocked when Aljur posted on social media a message telling Kylie to tell the public who cheated first in their relationship. The issue is triggered more by claims from other people including veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin.

Cristy Fermin

Cristy Fermin claimed that her source told her that Kylie Padilla was always talking with someone on the photo while she and Aljur Abrenica were still together. She also claimed that there was a time when the actress told their household helpers not to cook for her husband because of money issues.

Recently, Kylie Padilla took to social media a warning message for Cristy Fermin. In a Facebook post, the Kapuso actress expressed that she knows the columnist’s source and they must not wait for her to speak up. According to her, she is keeping her mum for her children. She also told them to check on their shortcomings first before judging other people.

“Hi Cristy Fermin. Alam ko kung sino source mo. Wag nyong hintayin mag salita ako tungkol sainyo. Nag titimpi ako para sa mga anak ko. Tingnan nyo mga mali nyo sa sarili nyo bago kayo manghusga ng ibang tao. Ano bang makukuha nyo sa pag sisira sakin? GROW UP. Ang tatanda nyo na.

At sana kung sisiraan nyo ako totoo mga pinagsasabi nyo. Mahiya naman kayo sa mga sarili niyo,” the Kapuso actress wrote.

The said post was seemingly deleted in a few minutes since posting. As of this writing, Cristy has yet to respond to it.

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