Harry Roque Says He Really Want To Run For Senator But …

Harry Roque revealed another factor in his decision to not pursue his Senate dream.

HARRY ROQUE — The Presidential spokesperson revealed on Wednesday another factor in his decision to not pursue his Senate dream aside from Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s refusal to run for the presidency.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Roque was the sole guest of the Kapihan sa Manila Bay news forum last October 20.

The Palace spokesman admitted that he’s lacking resources to mount a political campaign, especially with the crisis brought by the pandemic.

Roque also recalled the time he ran for senator in the 2019 midterm elections when he had funds as early as the filing period.

There’s hardly any money that came in this time around. I think it’s because times are really hard, and the traditional campaign donors are unable to give any contribution. And that is actually now part of reality. You cannot run if you do not have the money,” Roque said.

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According to Roque, he really wanted to run for the Senate, but he wasn’t born rich, wasn’t born into a political family, and was an “ordinary person”. He added that it’s very difficult for him to run if a political candidate was an ordinary person and that’s the “harsh reality of life”.

Ironically, the Palace spokesman has not been endorsed by President Rodrigo Duterte, who was the chairman of the ruling Cusi-led PDP-Laban party, to run for senator.

Roque also said that he didn’t opt for the administration party because he valued his independence.

Aside from this, the Palace spokesman said that he could still run for senator in the upcoming polls as a substitute candidate.

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