Facebook Introduces “Group Effects” For Messenger Video Calls

Facebook introduced new “Group Effects” feature for Messenger video calls.

FACEBOOK – The social media giant officially announced that its new “Group Effects” feature on Messenger rooms and Messenger video calls.

Facebook introduced new "Group Effects" feature for Messenger video calls.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook said that Group Effects were new AR (augmented reality) experiences that can augment users on a video call at the same time, enabling a more fun and immersive way to connect with their family and friends.

Whether you want to step up your competitive game or have fun with your long-distance friend, Group Effects makes video calls more entertaining,” Facebook said.

In addition, Facebook has officially announced that its new Spark AR Multipeer API will be expanding access in order to let more creators and developers build Group Effects.

Yugatech reported that the Spark AR Multipeer API will come to effect at the end of the month. You can visit this link to know more about Spark AR Multipeer API.

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With Facebook’s Spark AR Multipeer API, developers and creators can build dynamic, real-time interactive effects for larger audiences and can transform the way users experience video calling.

Currently, there were 70 Group Effects in the library to choose from, ranging from games to cute effects.

In order to check out Group Effects, users should start a video call or create a room in their Messenger app, tap the smiley face to open the effects tray, and select “Group Effects”.

Yugatech reported that Facebook’s Group Effects were available on Messenger and will soon extend to the Instagram app. You can visit this link for more information about “Group Effects”.

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