Kris Bernal On Her Decision To Decorate Wedding With Sunflowers

Kris Bernal revealed the reason why she decided to decorate their wedding with sunflowers.

Actress Kris Bernal recently took to social media as she revealed the reason why she decided to decorate their wedding with sunflowers.

Kris Bernal
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

Sharing photos of herself walking down the aisle that was surrounded by sunflowers, the actress said that sunflower was her “top most favorite flower”.

It symbolizes unwavering faith and unconditional love. It reminds me of the face of the sun that sends pure joy and positive vibes to me,” Kris explained in her Instagram post.

Kris then thanked florist Gideon Hermosa for making sure that the motif of her wedding was “on point” with her vision.

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Meanwhile, Gideon Hermosa shared in an interview on Preview that sunflower was the only flower requested by the actress and so he came up with the idea to turn the ceremony and reception into a sunflower field.

For him, sunflower symbolized “positivity and good luck and lasting happiness”.

It was challenging though ’cause di na season ng sunflower kasi hindi na summer. So we had to fly sunflowers from China and Bukidnon, then others from Benguet and Tagaytay,” Gideon explained.

Aside from this, Gideon shared that Kris Bernal’s bouquet was made of zantedeschia flowers and dancing lady orchids to add texture and he decided to use other types to match the Mak Tumang gown since the venue was filled with sunflowers

He also explained that he didn’t want the bouquet to “ruin” or outshine Kris Bernal’s lovely dress.

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