Kris Bernal On Bridal Preparations For Upcoming Wedding With Fiancé

Kris Bernal recently shared her thoughts about bridal preparations for her upcoming wedding.

Actress Kris Bernal recently took to social media as she shared her thoughts about bridal preparations for her upcoming wedding with her fiancé Perry Choi.

Kris Bernal
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

The actress recently wrote a lengthy caption in her Instagram post about the last minutes of her wedding arrangements and described it as “the most stressful yet most exciting days”.

Everything coming together, excitement building, butterflies dancing in my tummy. And, I love that I get to stop a little. Breathe in, breathe out!” Kris said in her Instagram post.

Kris described her schedule as “totally crazy” as she still has a mountain of paperwork on her desk and deadlines.

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According to her, she’s trying her best to make use of her free time to go over her workload as an actress and to update her to-do list.

However, she shared that wedding planning was “such a time-consuming process” as the wedding day was getting closer and she still have a lot of preparation to do.

Before ending her Instagram post, the actress expressed her heartfelt gratitude for her soon-to-be-husband.

Seriously, my focus is gone. Thank God for I’m marrying a man who helps and supports me with everything. A man of few words but his backing is enormous,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Kris revealed in her recent vlog that she’ll be wearing a gown designed by Mak Tumang for her big day.

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