Twitter Working On New Alternative Timeline For “Trusted Friends”

Twitter was working on a new alternative timeline for “Trusted Friends”

Twitter was working on a new alternative timeline exclusively for “Trusted Friends”, which will let users choose the people who can see content there.

Twitter Trusted Friends
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Twitter had already announced new ways to deliver content to a specific group of users with “Super Follow” feature, but those options were more focused on influencers and creators who wanted to sell exclusive access to their fleets and tweets.

Currently, Twitter was working on an alternative timeline for “trusted friends” which will let users choose the people who can see their content there.

It’s quite common nowadays for social media users to have multiple accounts on the same social network, one for adding their colleagues from work or college and another one for their best friends or family.

With Twitter’s new option, users will be able to create a separate group for posting tweets that only the people added there will be able to see those tweets.

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The idea of “Trusted Friends” can be compared to Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature which, as the name suggested, was dedicated only to those you wanted to share private moments from your life.

However, Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature was only for Instagram Stories, while Twitter’s “Trusted Friends” should work for regular timeline posts.

This, of course, was quite different from Twitter’s original purpose of being a public space, but it was certainly nice to have the option for those who wanted it.

However, as noted by TechCrunch, Twitter’s “Trusted Friends” feature was only a conceptual idea at the moment. In other words, the company was still considering whether the idea of having the said feature was good enough to implement.

This wasn’t the first time that Twitter had shown conceptual features to get feedback from its users. Last month, Twitter showed what an option to “unmention” yourself from a conversation would look.

Unfortunately, since this was all conceptual, there’s no guarantee that the company will eventually add those features for users.

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