Toni Gonzaga On Dealing With “Cancel Culture” Online

Toni Gonzaga on dealing with “cancel culture” online

Host and actress Toni Gonzaga recently shared her powerful message on how she dealt with “cancel culture” online as she’s having experienced being cancelled on social media for two decades of her stay in showbiz.

Toni Gonzaga
Photo: Toni Gonzaga / Instagram

Gonzaga admitted in a sit-down interview with Wil Dasovich that she had been “cancelled” by some netizens countless times, even amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

However, she had learned how to value her worth as a person, reminding the public to never cancel themselves which she called a “painful betrayal”.

No matter how many people or how many times you were cancelled by other people, what’s important is you never cancel yourself. Everybody can be against you, but you never have to be against yourself. Because that’s the biggest betrayal,” she quipped.

Citing Caroline Myss, Gonzaga went on to explain that the biggest betrayal and the most painful betrayal a person could experience was the betrayal he/she did to himself/herself.

Was she affected by the criticisms thrown at her? Gonzaga said that it wasn’t painful for her to be “cancelled” by society because she didn’t cancel herself.

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Gonzaga also addressed the reactions available on several social media platforms which some people equated to their sense of worth.

The most important ‘like’ that you can give yourself is the ‘like’ that you have for yourself. Before you check on the likes on Instagram or on Facebook, you need to wake up in the morning, you tell yourself, ‘Toni, you like you? You like yourself? You like what you’re doing? Yes, I like me.’ The rest of their likes are just bonus because you wake up every single day, you know you like yourself,” Gonzaga said.

In the same interview, she stressed that there was never a point in her life that she got insecure about the success her sister Alex was currently enjoying.

Recently, Alex received her Diamond Play Button from YouTube as her channel reached more than 10 million subscribers.

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