Instagram Intros Security Checkup Feature To Help Users Keep Accounts Safe

Instagram introduced its Security Checkup feature to help users keep their accounts safe.

Instagram recently introduced its Security Checkup feature in order to help its users keep their Instagram accounts safe from being hacked.

Instagram Security Checkup feature
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Instagram officially launched a new feature called Security Checkup, which will help users keep their accounts secure.

In a blog post, Instagram said that Security Checkup will guide users, whose Instagram accounts may have been hacked, through the steps needed in order to secure their accounts.

This included checking login activity, confirming the accounts that shared login information, reviewing profile information, and updating account recoveries contact information such as email or phone number.

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With Security Checkup, Instagram users will be able to see if their mobile phone number, email, login info, and profile were all correct and managed each one of them as well.

Alongside that, Instagram wanted to make sure that users’ accounts were secure with several recommended steps that users can take:

  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Update phone number and email
  • Be aware of your DMs
  • Report content and accounts you find questionable
  • Enable Login Request

The team behind Instagram also said that they made a significant update to the Support Inbox so that users can find out the latest information about what was happening with the reports or find out if any of their posts were violating Instagram’s policies.

You can read the blog post to know more about Instagram’s new feature.

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