Gary Valenciano On How He Stays Relevant In Entertainment Industry

Gary Valenciano shared how he stayed relevant in the entertainment industry

Veteran performer Gary Valenciano recently shared how he stayed relevant in the ever-evolving and ever-changing entertainment industry as an artist.

Gary Valenciano
Photo: Gary Valenciano / Instagram

Staying relevant as an artist in an ever-evolving and ever-changing entertainment industry can be difficult, but Gary had managed to survive for the past almost 4 decades, thanks to his eagerness to improve himself constantly over the years.

I think that it’s not a conscious effort really. But I think it comes with the profession, which is like doctors who are constantly… You know, just because you’re a doctor, it doesn’t mean that that’s it. You have to continue to study because things change, and then you learn. And that’s what I’ve done,” Gary said during a live interview with host G3 San Diego last July 19.

Gary went on to credit his children Gab, Paolo, and Kiana for being instrumental in how he was able to keep up with the times. According to him, his children were able to feed him with ideas and also “feed me with the dos and don’ts”.

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While he agreed that staying relevant in a constantly changing world was certainly a challenge, he said that it’s a challenge he’s willing to take on anyhow.

I’m not here to change lives, I’m here to touch people enough to know that there might be a direction that might be better for them. There might be a challenge that may not disappear but they might have to go through it, not to make them bitter but better. And hopefully in the process, I can let them know that at least in my life, with everything that I’ve faced since I was a young boy, God has been faithful even when I have not been,” Gary said.

The veteran singer, who was also known as the country’s “Mr. Pure Energy”, celebrated his 38th year in the entertainment industry last April.

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