Kiefer Ravena Shares Birthday Greeting For Alyssa Valdez

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Kiefer Ravena shared his birthday greeting for Alyssa Valdez

NLEX ace guard Kiefer Ravena recently took to social media as he shared his birthday greeting for his girlfriend Alyssa Valdez.

Kiefer Ravena Alyssa Valdez
Photo: Kiefer Ravena / Instagram

On Tuesday, Kiefer shared in his Instagram account a photo of his girlfriend with their dogs, followed by a series of their photos together.

As seen in the caption on his Instagram post, he described his girlfriend as “one of the strongest, most humble and most generous human beings” he knew.

Kiefer then told Alyssa that she inspired a lot of people with her mere presence and made them better.

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You make everything work when sometimes, you’ll sacrifice yourself. You spoil Blake and Louis like no other. Enjoy your Bubble Birthday Bash, babe!” Kiefer said to Alyssa in his Instagram post.

Kiefer also said that his girlfriend was a blessing to them. He also told her to continue to be the “great person, daughter, leader, friend, partner that you truly are!”

It was last April when Alyssa and Kiefer marked their 5th anniversary together. At that time, Kiefer and Alyssa posted on their respective social media accounts just to share their thoughts about their relationship.

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