Huawei Sets Up R&D Company For Electric Cars And Related Facilities

Huawei established an R&D company for electric cars and related facilities.

Huawei Technologies recently established a research and development (R&D) company for electric cars and related facilities.

Huawei established an R&D company for electric cars and related facilities.
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The Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co Ltd had just recently been established by Huawei Technologies.

Huawei’s new company will have its business scope include research and development (R&D) of new technology related to electric vehicles and their related facilities.

With this company, Huawei will work on setting up research and development for new energy technologies, electromechanical coupling system development, energy recovery systems, and even new energy facilities for the sale of electric vehicles among other operations, based on an ITHome report.

Notably, the said company was 100% controlled by Huawei Technologies and had a registered capital of CNY 3 billion (roughly USD 469 million).

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Huawei had established the said company in order to focus on achieving carbon neutrality.

For those unaware, different major tech based companies had been working to reduce their carbon emissions for environmental reasons as the world became more sensitive towards the effects of carbon footprints of major companies on the world.

Furthermore, the newly established firm was also another step towards Huawei’s plan on expanding in the automobile market.

Huawei had showcased its interest in smart electric vehicles in particular, with the brand even launching different hardware and software for other car makers and consumers as well.

Currently, Huawei was apparently working on developing facilities related to electric vehicles and even establishing research and development to offer newer technology in the market as well.

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