Dominic Roque Flexes Bea Alonzo On His Instagram Stories

Dominic Roque flexed Bea Alonzo on his Instagram Stories.

Actor Dominic Roque flexed his rumored girlfriend, actress Bea Alonzo, on his recent Instagram Stories.

Dominic Bea

In his recent posts on his Instagram Stories, the actor posted a series of posts featuring the actress.

Dominic’s posts can no longer be viewed by netizens because it’s been 24 hours since he posted them, but their supporters took screenshots of them.

Although Dominic’s posts were sparing in captions, there were indications that they had been together many times and he still wanted to “be with” Bea.

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It was last May 31 when Dominic posted on Instagram Stories his birthday greeting for Star Magic handler and friend Nina Ferrer. As seen in the first photo, Dominic shared a photo wherein Ferrer was being held by Bea. The actress was also tagged in the said photo.

In the second photo, the actor shared a stolen shot wherein Ferrer and Bea both sleeping in the backseat of the car while he’s in the driver’s seat. As seen in the third photo, Dominic shared a screenshot of a fan post by Bea and Dominic.

Roque Alonzo
Photo source: PEP

Dominic’s YouTube video about his motorbiking was featured in the said post. Coincidentally, it can be seen that the suggested next video was Bea’s video.

For the netizen who posted the screenshot, this was a “sign” for the rumored couple. Caption by netizen (published as is): “PARANG SIGNAL NA ATA TO NA KAILANGAN NIYO NG MAG COLLAB NA KAYO BEADOM [heart emoji]

In Dominic’s motorbiking video, the netizen’s comment can be read “Kailan kaya yong Jowa challenge with BEA!

Dominic and Bea had been talking about their goodness for several months, but the two have yet to confirm.

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