Twitter Starts Prompting iOS Users To Enable App Tracking Option

Twitter started prompting its iOS users to enable app tracking option.

Twitter recently started prompting its iOS users to enable app tracking option following the release of Apple iOS 14.5 to the public last month.

Twitter started prompting its iOS users to enable app tracking option.

Multiple apps started asking users to enable the App Tracking option after releasing Apple’s iOS update to iPhone users.

With Twitter app’s latest version for iOS, iPhone users were being asked to enable tracking in order for them to receive “relevant ads”.

Twitter’s new prompt was implemented with version 8.65 of its app, which was currently available on the App Store. Once users installed the said version of the app, Twitter might ask them if they wanted to enable the App Tracking option.

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Twitter argued that enabling tracking will let the social platform provide more relevant ads according to the content liked by users.

By tapping the “Continue” button, users will be redirected to the iOS Settings app in the “Tracking” menu. There, users can opt to enable App Tracking for Twitter or to keep it disabled.

Based on a report on 9to5Mac, tracking for third-party apps was turned off by default.

With Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, mobile apps can no longer track users across other apps and websites without asking users first. Most mobile apps use users’ data to display advertisements based on what users searched for on the web or what they have installed on their device.

Last month, Twitter revealed its algorithmic fairness initiative as part of its initiative on “responsible machine learning”.

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