Glaiza de Castro and Fiancé Share Excerpts From Handwritten Love Letters

Glaiza de Castro and her fiancé shared excerpts from their handwritten love letters.

Actress Glaiza de Castro and her fiancé David Rainey shared excerpts from their handwritten love letters as they have weathered a long-distance relationship.

Glaiza de Castro and David Rainey

Glaiza and David shared excerpts from their letters to each other in a video published on her YouTube channel. As seen in the video title, Glaiza clarified that the said video was “not a prenup video”.

On Instagram, the actress shared that it’s been almost a year since the Philippines implemented the travel ban.

According to her, she’s one of those affected by the travel ban not because she’s itching to book her next travel destination but because she’s in a long-distance relationship made more difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Glaiza also shared that she and her fiancé’s faith was constantly tested and their creativity was challenged.

This is the story of how we persevere, how we try to make each other feel that distance is never going to be a hindrance in keeping our relationship. As simple as it may seem, these (excerpts from) letters played a huge part in our journey and we want to share this with you,” Glaiza said in her Instagram post.

Glaiza and David recently gave a preview of the notebook they kept that they both sent back and forth the Philippines and Ireland as the coronavirus pandemic kept them away from each other.

According to her, the handwritten letters were “a big part” of their relationship.

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