Bettinna Carlos On Living In Province With Her Family

Bettinna Carlos on living in the province with her family.

Bettinna Carlos recently took to social media to share her experience and adjustments as she and her family were already living in the province.

Bettinna Carlos
Bettinna Carlos in La Union | Photo: Bettinna Carlos / Instagram

Bettinna recently opened up about the adjustments and new experiences she had to confront as she and her family have transferred into their provincial home in La Union.

She — together with her husband, their daughter, and their househelp — packed up their belongings to live in the coastal province north of Manila.

Transferring to their province in La Union meant Bettinna and her family had to let go of the lifestyle and comforts they had been used to and to figure out new ways of doing even the mundane tasks.

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Bettinna admitted that uprooting from their city life was a challenge for her, but she eventually came to appreciate where they were at the moment.

While she might not have fully prepared for this big move, Bettinna was grateful for a good life with her family and under the guidance of the Lord.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for enabling me not just to endure, but eventually to enjoy and now embrace where You planted us. Thank you for my husband. Thank you Love. I praise God for your wisdom. Lets grow deeper and stronger here, yes?” Bettinna said in her Instagram post.

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