How To Deworm A Cat

Guide on How To Deworm A Cat To Keep It Healthy from Worms

HOW TO DEWORM A CAT – Are you planning to deworm your cat and keep it healthy from GI parasites like roundworms and hookworms?

Many people like having cats at home. They are very loving creatures which are easy to house train. They seldom make a mess unless there is something that they cannot resist to chase – like rats. Over-all, cats are excellent to be with at home.

They clean themselves and those that have been house-trained knows the right area where to poop. They would usually stay in one area over roaming around the house. There are even cases when their presence are hard to feel as they behave so well.

Are you one of those people who love having cats at home? Are they also members of the family?

How To Deworm A Cat

Cat lovers consider cats as part of the family. Thus, their welfare, health, and safety are considered, too. Just like humans, they also need vitamins to boost their immunity.

Also, cats must be dewormed regularly. It will prevent gastro-intestinal parasites that can harm their health. Kittens must be treated from hookworms and roundworms too which are the most common parasites.

How to deworm a cat? Based on an article on Kitten Lady, the cat deworming is set at two (2), four (4), and six (6) weeks. Cats may be brought to a veterinary clinic for deworming or you may also do it at home.

For a guide on how to a deworm a cat at home, prepare a 1cc syringe and a dewormer, preferably a liquid dewormer most especially if you are deworming kittens.

First, take the weight of the kittens you will deworm with the help of a weighing scale. Record it. Read the instructions at the back or at the packaging of the dewormer regarding the amount you need to give to every kitten based on its weight.

It is important not to bathe a kitten at least three (3) days after deworming it. Observe the kitten for some possible effects of the deworming.

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