Fanny Serrano: Sharon Cuneta Speaks on His Condition Now After Stroke

Sharon Cuneta Reveals Fanny Serrano Suffered from Massive Stroke

FANNY SERRANO – Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed that the celebrity stytlist who is close to her suffered from stroke again.

One of the personalities who are known in the field of costume designing, makeup, and hairstyling is Fanny Serrano. Many celebrities have the biggest trust to Fanny whenever they will attend events or do projects.

In fact, many veteran stars got Fanny as their official costume designer in doing projects. He’s in the industry for decades already and his excellent taste and talent produced glamorous styles.

Having stayed in the showbiz industry for years already and being the one that many actors and actresses trust, he has built wonderful relationships with these people. Apart from being a stylist and makeup artist, he is also an actor.

Fanny Serrano

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is one of those who are close to Fanny Serrano. The actress-singer loves him so much and he is already like a family to her. That is why the Megastar is emotional over what happened to him.

In a video posted on social media, Sharon revealed that Fanny suffered from massive stroke. She stressed that she knows that it is a private thing but she really wants to ask prayers for the celebrity stylist.

It is not the first time that Fanny suffered from stroke. In 2016, he was also rushed to the hospital for the same reason.

Tears kept on falling from Sharon Cuneta’s eyes while asking prayers for Fanny Serrano. According to the Megastar, he’s currently being treated in a hospital and he is conscious. Here’s her post on Instagram:

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