Ellen Adarna Asked If Derek Ramsay Is the “Right One” For Her, Here’s Her Answer

Response of Ellen Adarna On Question if Derek Ramsay is the “Right One” For Her

ELLEN ADARNA – The actress was asked if her actor boyfriend, Derek Ramsay, is the right one for her.

Undeniably, the confirmation of the real score between Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna has taken social media platforms by storm. Many people have also expressed their reactions to the romantic relationship of the two (2) celebrities.

Derek and Ellen are neighbors. Rumors that something special is going on between the two celebrities crossed the surface when a party with some celebrities was held at the house of the actor.

Shortly after it, Derek and Ellen confirmed that they are officially in a relationship. They are on for a month now.

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As for Derek, everything in his heart is telling him that Ellen is the one for him. He’s been through several long-term relationships that failed but he assured that he wanted to get married someday.

According to the actor, he wants to find the right one for her as he believes marriage is a “finite” bond that must not be separated. He is certain that he’ll have the last laugh amid people’s claims that he does not want to get married.


Is Derek Ramsay the right one for Ellen Adarna? The actress was asked by Pep in an interview. She has a short response that paved the way for an escape from answering the question.

“Next question, please,” Ellen expressed.


Visibly, Ellen and Derek are enjoying their relationship now. Both celebrities have kids from their previous relationships.

Ellen has a two-year-old son named Elias Modesto, the actress’ son with her ex-partner, actor John Lloyd Cruz. Derek has a son named Austin with his ex-wife, Mary Christine Jolly.

Based on the report, Derek Ramsay is two thumbs up to Ellen Adarna as a mother to Elias. He described the actress as a “super mom” and he also likes her kindness to his son, Austin.

When it comes to endearment, the two celebrities agreed that they call each other anything they want. Derek even mentioned “day, day, dong” which are lovely Cebuano tags referring to a male and a female.

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