Mayor Isko Responds To 2022 Plans For Presidency

Mayor Isko Moreno Responds To Questions About Plans For 2022 Presidency

MAYOR ISKO RESPONDS TO 2022 PLANS – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno was recently asked if he ever plans to run for presidency in 2022.

Isko has become one of the most favored candidates to run for the 2022 presidential race. However, every time the Manila Mayor was asked about this, he has always answered in the negative.

This time, it seems like his answer doesn’t differ from his previous remarks. Although his most recent answer doesn’t outright reject the idea either.

Mayor Isko Responds To 2022 Plans For Presidency

In a video posted by GMA, Mayor Isko quipped, “Tumakbo Ka Kasi May COVID!”. That was his response when asked about the presidential race.

For now, Moreno said that he wants to focus on dealing with the Pandemic first, especially in Manila.

Let us focus on this on top of everything. Ito na muna. Basta yung paghahanda muna sa pandemya. Kasi there is no point to govern kung ubos na yung mamamayan mo,

He added that amid this pandemic, the public expects those in power to do their jobs. ” Umaasa talaga ang tao. Wala nang ibang tatakbuhan ang utaw ngayon kundi gobyerno, wala nang iba,”, he added.

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