Is Cheese Good for Dogs?

Wondering Is Cheese Good for Dogs? Here’s A Guide

IS CHEESE GOOD FOR DOGS – Here is an explanation on whether or not dogs may eat cheese which is one of the favorite foods of many people.

Most dogs are food or treats-motivated. That is the reason why many dog trainers and owners use foods in teaching their furry babies new skills and tricks. These dogs love to eat not only during the training process but most especially in a normal day at home.

Have you experienced stopping for a while before biting your food as you saw your furry baby looking at you? Those looks speak like it wants to have a slice (or all) of what you are eating, right?

Is Cheese Good for Dogs

However, as a responsible dog owner, it is important to double check before introducing any food to your dog. Not all foods that humans can eat are good for dogs. In fact, there are many human foods that are toxic for dogs thus must not be given to them.

With regards to cheese which is one of the favorite food of a lot of people, if you are wondering is cheese good for dogs, the answer is yes provided that you choose the right cheese to give to your furry babies.

Cheese contains Vitamin A, protein, calcium, fatty acids, and B-Vitamins. However, certain cheese may contain a lot of fat and may result to obesity in your dogs. Too much of it may also lead to pancreatitis.

Choose the low-fat cheese such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, or soft goat cheese. Give cheese to your dogs in small amounts only.

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