Biden Administration To Look At Adding “New Targeted Restrictions” On Tech Exports To China

The Biden Administration would look at adding restrictions on tech exports to China.

Ahead of US President Joe Biden’s first call with China’s leader Xi Jinping, a senior official on Wednesday said that the Biden administration would look at adding “new targeted restrictions” on certain sensitive technology exports to China in cooperation with allies.

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Photo source: Reuters

In a report on Reuters, the official told reporters during a briefing that the US would also not move to lift Chinese trade tariffs implemented by the previous administration before it had conducted “intense consultation and review” with allies.

We are maintaining those tariffs while we conduct our review because we’re not going to act precipitously. President Biden’s major criticism of the Trump strategy here was not that he wasn’t getting tough on China on trade, but that he was doing so alone, while also fighting our allies,” said the official.

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According to the official, no decisions had been made yet on whether to lift the tariffs and that there would be areas of “continuity” with former US President Donald Trump’s policies.

The official also said that the administration, in consultation with US allies, would look at “new targeted restrictions” on technology exports to China.

In addition, the official said that President Biden aimed to quickly work with Republicans in order to boost public investment in technology sectors crucial to the country’s economic edge — including biotechnology, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.

Biden China
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The White House said in a statement that President Biden — on the phone call with China’s leader Xi Jinping — underscored his fundamental concerns about Beijing’s unfair and coercive economic practices, human rights abuses in Xinjiang, the crackdown in Hong Kong, and increasingly assertive actions in the region, including toward Taiwan.

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