Nicole Donesa, Mark Herras Swab Test Result Revealed

Nicole Donesa and Mark Herras revealed their swab test result.

Actress Nicole Donesa and fiancé Mark Herras recently revealed their swab test result on their “last vlog” on their YouTube channel.

This, as they both underwent swab test at home.

Nicole Mark

In their YouTube vlog that was uploaded last January 10, Nicole shared that she and Mark underwent a swab test at their home.

According to her, her OB told her and her fiancé to do their swabbing at any time because she’s due to give birth at any moment.

She also said that they underwent swab test because both of them will be inside the hospital’s delivery room.

Also, she admitted that she’s nervous and scared as it was her first time to undergo a swab test.

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A day after, Nicole shared that the swab test results were e-mailed to her fiancé, and their swab test result came out “negative”.

You can watch their video below:

Meanwhile, Nicole and Mark shared that they decided to share their “last vlog” before welcoming baby Corky.

Please keep praying for us as we hope for a safe and healthy delivery for our Bibiboy. God bless!” Nicole and Mark said in the video description on their YouTube channel.

Aside from this, they also shared that they will upload the birth story of baby Corky on their YouTube channel.

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