Kris Bernal Considers Starting Wedding Plans Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Kris Bernal considers starting wedding plans amidst coronavirus pandemic

Actress Kris Bernal was slowly getting back on track after having her wedding plans stopped by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kris Bernal Wedding Plans
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

On her Instagram post, Kris shared that she and her fiance Perry Choi were “almost done” with the planning and overall design on the construction of their dream house.

Also on her Instagram post, she shared that she and her fiance had an unplanned trip. She then asked her fiance if they should start discussing their wedding plans amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Shall we move forward and discuss our wedding plans? The next question is how to get married during the corona pandemic?” Kris said.

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It was recalled last September when Kris said that she and her fiance had tentatively set their wedding to May 2021, but admitted that there had been “zero planning.”

Kris also said that it’s the delayed construction of their dream house that really put a wrench in their wedding plans because they wanted to move into it once they’re married.

Perry and Kris got engaged last February 6. The actress planned to surprise Perry with a party on his birthday, but Perry surprised her with a proposal instead.

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