President Duterte Plans To Bring Back The Use Of Police Batons

President Duterte planned to bring back the use of police batons.

During his televised address on Monday night, President Rodrigo Duterte planned to bring back the use of police batons next year.

This, as he announced that the government intended to procure rubber batons for the Philippines’ police force next year in order to enhance the fight against criminality.

Duterte back batons
Photo: Manila Bulletin

President Duterte said that he wanted to bring back the use of police batons as a “not so lethal weapon” in order to subdue persons resisting arrest.

The President admitted that he preferred policemen to use police batons instead of guns when confronting an unruly crime suspect.

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President Duterte admitted that he was confused why the police batons were no longer used in law enforcement operations.

The President then recalled that he saw the “multipurpose use” of police batons by policemen when he was young.

Kung may baton ito, rubberized man ang baton noon, kung mahampas mo lang kamay o mahampas katawan, ay masakit ‘yun, maybe you can subdue the person resisting arrest or the criminal,” he added.

President Duterte also noted that the police batons were considered as the “fist line of defense” of policemen in order to prevent the crime suspects from stealing their guns or punching them.

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