Jonel Nuezca Drug Test Result Revealed

Drug test result of Jonel Nuezca was revealed by Paniqui Municipal Police Station.

Paniqui Municipal Police Station on Tuesday afternoon revealed the drug test result of Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca.

Jonel Nuezca
Photo source: GMA News Online

On Sunday afternoon, Nuezca fatally shot dead Sonya Rufino Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio in the middle of an argument over “boga” and right of way.

Following the said incident, President Rodrigo Duterte, who was shown the viral video on Monday afternoon, claimed that Jonel Nuezca was suffering from a mental illness which caused him to do what he did.

However, President Duterte presented neither medical diagnosis nor proof to support his claim.

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Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca had tested “negative” for illegal drug use even though he previously faced less grave neglect of duty for his refusal to take a drug test last April 2014.

Paniqui Municipal Police Station chief Police Lieutenant Colonel Noriel Rombaoa on Tuesday afternoon confirmed Nuezca’s drug test result to GMA News Online.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service was targeting to finish its investigation on the administrative case of Nuezca within 30 days.

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