Barbie Forteza Shares How Lockdown, Pandemic Change Her

Barbie Forteza shared how lockdown and pandemic had changed her.

Actress Barbie Forteza had recently took to social media as she shared how lockdown and coronavirus pandemic had changed her.

Barbie Forteza Lockdown Pandemic
Photo: Barbie Forteza / Instagram

Barbie Forteza shared that she couldn’t believe how much she had grown and changed due to the coronavirus pandemic in just a span of almost a year.

In her Instagram post, she shared a few of these changes that she had to do in order to adapt to the new normal.

According to her, she shared that she wanted to share how proud she was of herself these past few weeks as she had made decisions that really changed the way she lived every day.

Barbie also shared that she went to work all by herself due to strict safety protocols, adding that she tried not to get overwhelmed by stress when there’s a problem.

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She also shared that she had been busy growing up and admitted that she’s both nervous and excited about the idea of growing up.

Nevertheless, Barbie was embracing all these new emotions feelings.

Oh, how it scares me but I love it. I am so looking forward to meet my future self,” Barbie said in her post.

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