Team Payaman relief efforts Amid #UlyssesPh captured netizens’ attention

Team Payaman trends on Twitter for their relief efforts

Netizens commented on the relief efforts that Team Payaman did amid typhoon Ulysses.

The said group is popular on YouTube headed by Cong Velasquez, also known as Cong TV. They are not just giving entertainment and laughter to their avid subscribers but their efforts go beyond that.

In the midst of calamities and the ongoing pandemic, many Filipinos have shown heroism in their own little way. Through these kinds of acts, other people are getting inspired also to do the same for others.

team payaman
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Some work individually in helping others while some work as a team, just like this popular team on the video-sharing social media platform.

Just recently, the Team Payaman name became one of the top trending topics on Twitter because of the help they extended to the victims of the recent strong typhoon.

A netizen on Facebook shared that the team of bloggers conducted relief efforts in their barangay, as what this Twitter user posted.

Netizens also shared photos showing the team of vloggers giving food to relocated residence at a covered court.

With this kind of effort to help those who are in need, the vloggers captured the attention of the online community. Here are some of the comments from netizens on the relief efforts of the team of vloggers.

Meanwhile, Viy Cortez, Cong’s partner, has been hailed as one of the female YouTubers who is included in the most subscribed list. She has almost 4 million subscribers as of September 2020.

Also included in the list are celebrities who ventured into vlogging such as Kathryn Bernardo, Alex Gonzaga, and Ivana Alawi.

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