RC Cola Ad Explained! – Team Behind Viral RC Cola Ad Speaks Up

RC Cola Ad Finally Explained! Producers Of Ad Talk About Its Meaning

MAMA MO RC EXPLAINED – Literally, Mama Mo RC was the conclusion of the viral ad from RC Cola. But why?

Clearly, this one of the most unique, engaging, and talked about advertisements in the entirety of Philippine history. RC Cola wanted to make a statement, they wanted to get known. And, after years of being under the shadow of giants such as Coca Cola, they got their time in the spotlight.

According to an article from Spot.ph, the team behind the ad, GIGL, explained the point of the entire ad. However, much like most things on the internet, the answer was “basta”.

RC Cola Ad Explained! – Team Behind Viral RC Cola Ad Speaks Up
Image from: Spot.ph

The agency wanted to become more related to the younger Gen Z. But, being relatable to this generation meant tapping into something bizarre, mysterious, dark, intriguing, and a huge chunk of randomness.

For years now, Filipino advertisements generally centered around family values – a nice dinner, an emotional reconnection, etc. Meanwhile, RC Cola just decided to flip the switch and installed a new circuit board with their ad.

As per the article, GIGIL’s official statement regarding the ad’s explanation was “Basta! Wala lang!”. Furthermore, the agency explained that Gen Z kids “don’t need a list of reasons before doing something”.

So, how did the team pitch this insanely genius idea?

GIGIL and RC began the project coming into the end of 2019. Moreover, they already finished filming the scenes before the quarantine began. However, the release was pushed back due to COVID-19 which gave producers time to make sure “it won’t look gross“.

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