Ina Feleo on December 1 Wedding: “Act one pa lang ‘to, may act two pa tayo”

Ina Feleo on December 1 wedding: “Act one pa lang ‘to, may act two pa tayo.”

Actress Ina Feleo revealed that the wedding that was scheduled for December 1 was just “act one” or the first part of their wedding because she and Giacomo Gervasutti still wanted to have a church wedding with their families and friends invited.

Ina Feleo wedding
Photo: Ina Feleo / Instagram

According to her, their church wedding was originally scheduled for January 2021, adding that they wanted to tie the knot in Palawan.

Ina also said that they’re planning to have their Palawan wedding in 2022 instead of 2021 as their original schedule.

Palawan na church wedding and then ‘yung reception, meron ding kaming by the beach talaga na ang ganda-ganda,” Ina said.

Also, Ina said that their church wedding couldn’t happen yet but they still wanted to do it. The wedding that they’re going to do, Ina said, was “small” and “intimate”.

Ina also said that James wanted to say, “This is just act one.”

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Explaining James’ message, Ina said that just like in the theater, the wedding at Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City was just “act one” and they still have “act two” which was their church wedding in Palawan.

Para ‘yun naman sa kaibigan, sa mga family namin, kasi ako ang dami kong relatives na siyempre, I would want din na nandoon sila pero ayaw rin namin na internet lang. At saka ayaw niya ‘yung memory na lahat ng tao naka-mask,” Ina said.

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