Dingdong Dantes Admits COVID-19 Pandemic Has Been Testing His Faith, Patience

Dingdong Dantes admitted that COVID-19 pandemic had been testing his faith and patience.

Actor-entrepreneur Dingdong Dantes had recently admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic had been testing his faith and patience.

This, as he found himself contemplating deeper about a lot of things due to COVID-19 pandemic that had been gripping every nation.

Dingdong Dantes pandemic
Photo Source: GMA Entertainment

In a report on GMA Entertainment, Dingdong said that the COVID-19 pandemic had been testing his faith and patience as it’is challenging him to find ways in order to better ensure the safety and health of his wife, his children, himself, and the people that surround him.

Dingdong remained optimistic despite his worries, saying that he was raised by his parents to always look on the bright side.

I know that in His perfect time, this too, shall pass,” Dingdong said.

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The actor also said that he’s immensely blessed and humbled by all the opportunities that the Lord was throwing his way.

Dingdong added that there’s truth to the adage that “life begins at 40”, adding that he would like to think that he’s still a “work in progress” and “the best is yet to come”.

Moreover, he said that he had a lot of dreams for his family, for the entertainment industry that had nurtured him to become the best version of himself, and for the communities and sectors where he could extend inspiration and help.

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