Matteo Guidicelli Posts Behind-the-Scenes Video of Concert w/ Sarah Geronimo

Behind-the-Scenes Video of Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo’s Landers Concert

MATTEO GUIDICELLI – The Kapamilya actor-singer posted the behind-the-scenes video of his concert with his wife, Sarah Geronimo.

Undeniably, Sarah and Matteo who are collectively called AshMatt by their fans and supporters are among the celebrities that many people look up to when it comes to relationships.

Sarah and Matteo were together for more than five years before they officially tied the knot last February 20, 2020. It is no secret to the public that Mommy Divine, the mother of the Popstar Royalty, is not in favor of Matt for her daughter.

Also, a lot of people questioned Matteo’s love for Sarah. There were times when the actor-singer stressed that what they have is not a loveteam but a real relationship.

A lot of people most especially the AshMatt fans and supporters were very happy when Sarah and Matteo officially tied the knot in February. It was a very intimate wedding. In fact, only a few people knew that the wedding will be held that day.

It sparked issues as Mommy Divine reportedly came to the event and was very mad of the couple. Meanwhile, visibly, it remained a very special event for the AshMatt.

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Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Guidicelly are now living under the same roof. Matteo has always been vocal of his gratefulness and how he cannot still believe that he’s living his life with Sarah now.

Recently, the first concert of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo as a married couple was held – the Love, Landers. In the said concert, there were emotional moments most especially when they spoke of their thankfulness to each other and the people around them.

Matteo Guidicelli recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of his first concert with his wife, Sarah Geronimo. Here’s the video posted by the actor-singer on YouTube:

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