Lara Quigaman, Marco Alcaraz Welcome Baby Moses Marc

Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz welcomed baby Moses Marc.

Celebrity couple Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz took to social media as they both welcomed their third baby — baby Moses Marc.

This, as Lara and Marco on Friday posted on their respective Instagram accounts.

Lara Marco Moses Marc
Photo: Marco Alcaraz / Instagram

In Lara’s Instagram account, she thanked Jesus for another “undeserved gift”, adding that her heart was so full.

My whole being overflows with gratitude and awe. You truly are a good good God!” Lara said.

She also gave details about baby Moses Marc’s date and time of birth on her Instagram post and even made an account for him.

In Marco’s Instagram post, Marco thanked those who prayed for Lara’s safety and health and he also thanked Lord Jesus for another blessing.

Also, Marco said in his post that he’s sure that Tobias Nolan and Noah Lamar were excited to see their baby brother.

As previously reported on, the double celebration — baby Tobias Nolan’s 2nd birthday and also the birth of baby Moses Marc — might be featured on their upcoming vlog.

Last September 17, Lara and Marco wrote their birthday messages for baby Tobias Nolan and posted on their respective Instagram accounts.

Lara and Marco previously shared their preparations for the arrival of their third baby. Also, they previously shared their thoughts on the “new normal”.

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