Empress Schuck On Getting Engaged: ‘What Mattered The Most Was My Answer’

Empress Schuck On Getting Engaged: “What mattered the most was my answer.”

Actress Empress Schuck remained over the moon as she recalled all the wonderful memories from the day before they’re officially engaged.

This, after Empress announced her engagement to non-showbiz partner Vino Guingona while celebrating Athalia’s birthday.

Empress Schuck engaged

In her Instagram post, Empress shared a black-and-white photo of her and Vino as they celebrated a new chapter in their relationship.

According to her, her fiancé said that he already had the engagement ring two months ago and he didn’t know when to do it, adding that Vino woke up and felt that it was the right time for him to propose to her on that day.

Empress revealed that her fiancé hugged her right away after she said yes and Vino forgot to put the ring to her, which she thought was sweet.

For her, the ring didn’t matter and her answer was what mattered the most.

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In the same post, the actress thanked her family, her friends, and her supporters for sending their congratulatory messages to her and Vino.

Through their new chapter, Empress said that she hoped to inspire all couples to make their right choices in life by “obeying the words of God”.

As of this writing, Empress didn’t give any details about their wedding.

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