Linkin Park Releases Previously-Unreleased Track “She Couldn’t”

Linkin Park released previously-unreleased track “She Couldn’t” ahead of 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory.

Linkin Park recently unveiled its previously-unreleased track “She Couldn’t” — and was already included in a 80-track “Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition” album.

This, as the band had already kickstarted its celebration months before the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory.

Linkin Park

“She Couldn’t” was one of linkin Park’s earliest tracks that didn’t included in their debut LP. Although a rough demo had surfaced on the internet years ago, the released version of the said track was all in its “glorious” studio quality.

A lot of fans probably heard it for the first time and it’s as if they had been transported back to an era that seemed all too familiar once they dived into the uber chill track which featured the soothing vocals of late frontman Chester Bennington.

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Meanwhile, Linkin Park was set to release “Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition” album on October 9. The said album includes demos, DVDs, B-sides and never-before-seen footages.

It would be available in different formats — a vinyl box set, a super deluxe box set, a digital release, and a CD.

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