Bembol Roco Laments Lack of Government Support For Showbiz Employees

“We’re all affected by this pandemic”, according to Bembol Roco.

Bembol Roco expressed his lamentation as employees in the showbiz industry were among those affected by the community quarantine measures in the Philippines.

Bembol Roco
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At the time that stricter community quarantine measures were being implemented in the country, show business suddenly stopped and workers then stayed at their respective residents.

Veteran actor Bembol Roco was one of showbiz employees who were affected by work stoppage in the country. According to him, he’s raring to go back to his work.

Bembol also said that it was so “disorienting” to not be able to do it all of a sudden, adding that it was the first time that this had ever happened to him or to other workers in the showbiz industry.

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In addition, he said that entertainment was the “most affected” industry compared to other industries in the country, yet this was hardly being discussed.

Moreover, Bembol said that they’re left to fend for themselves and they didn’t get a support from the government.

Bembol also said that he knew that there were productions that had already continued their work, but their number wasn’t enough to keep everyone employed.

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