Justin Bieber New Album? Scooter Braun Hints Something

Scooter Braun gave a hint about the new album of Justin Bieber

JUSTIN BIEBER NEW ALBUM – Scooter Braun, the manager of Justin Bieber, recently gave a hint about Justin’s upcoming album release.

This, after Justin Bieber recently posted a photo on his Twitter account as he announced his upcoming “World Tour 2021”.

Justin Bieber New Album
Photos from Metro

Previously, Justin released his 17-track (including Summer Walker’s remix of Justin’s hit “Yummy”) album “Changes” featuring collaborators Travis Scott, Quavo, Post Malone, and a lot more.

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Although the said poster indicated that Justin was about to promote his latest album “Changes”, his manager posted on his Twitter account saying “new tour.. maybe a new album?”

Since then, Justin became trending on Twitter as netizens were surprised by Braun’s post. Here are some of the tweets:

Meanwhile, “BIEBER IS COMING” became trending on Twitter following Braun’s post as it has over 149,000 tweets (and still counting) as of this writing.

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