Fans Of Tom Holland Explains ‘Joke’ After Trending On Twitter

Fans of Tom Holland explained a “joke” after Tom became trending on Twitter.

Die-hard fans of Tom Holland already knew that the said news involving Tom and rapper Nicki Minaj was just a “joke”. Here’s an explanation about this!

Tom Holland
Photo source: @onlytomparker / Twitter

A lot of Twitter users had been left confused after actor Tom Holland became trending on social media following Nicki Minaj‘s announcement.

Knowing that Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty were expecting their first baby, Twitter was then flooded with jokes about Tom being the father of Nicki’s baby.

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Netizens jokingly started wishing Tom their “congratulations” over the “news”, and one confused netizen asked: “What’s up with these Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj memes? Did I miss something?”

Another netizen then explained that the said joke started from a meme that was made last April 2019 depicting a “love triangle” between Nicki, Tom, and James Charles.

Although netizens’ tweets in response to Nicki’s news about her pregnancy were clearly a “joke”, some of them actually believed that it was true.

On Monday (US time), Nicki Minaj officially announced that she and her husband Kenneth Petty were expecting a baby.

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