Alex Gonzaga Asks Intriguing Pregnancy Question to Doc Willie & Liza Ong

Alex Gonzaga featured Doc Willie & Liza Ong in her recent vlog

Kapamilya actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga asked this intriguing question about pregnancy to doctors Willie and Liza Ong.

Alex’s popularity in the YouTube community is quite remarkable. She is one of the first mainstream celebrities who ventured into creating content for the video-sharing social media platform. The actress-vlogger now has more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

In her recent vlog, her guests are the couple doctor. Alex said that the topic she featured is very timely because of the pandemic that the county is currently facing.

Doc Willie and Liza showed Alex Gonzaga their medical museum for students. As the vlogger was exploring the place, she saw a display representing the pregnancy cycle. Doc Willie showed Alex what it looked like to have a twin in the womb.

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Then, Doc Liza corrected the wrong perception of some people that eating twin bananas will give you also a twin.

alex gonzaga doc willie liza ong
📷: Alex’s YouTube vlog

Alex curiously asked how a baby would fit coming out from the mother’s sensitive area. Doc Liza answered that it will just stretch and Doc Willie added that it is really painful. With fear in her face Alex appeared to be cringing with that thought in her mind.

The actress also asked a lot of misconceptions regarding health issues to the doctors. She asked if it is true that sleeping with wet hair affects the vision and if lizards are the cure for asthma.

While asking those questions, Alex’s signature humor was still there. Here are some of the notable comments on the recent vlog of the Kapamilya star.

“Alex is a very flexible woman. She can easily adopt other’s behavior” – Enrique Reyes

“I admired Dr. & Dra. Ong humility same with Alex G.” – Hershey L

“I watch alex, mom watches dr ongs, now we can watch together hahahaha” – Kathleen Santiago

Watch the vlog.

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