Kris Aquino Confirms Signing Contract w/ Cornerstone

Kris Aquino Posts Video of Contract Signing w/ Cornerstone

KRIS AQUINO – The Queen of All Media took to the social media a video of her contract signing with Cornerstone.

A showbiz hiatus is something that is common in the journey of celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry. To some, it happened as they want to focus more on their family while others found a new life in another field.

One of the popular celebrities who was recently in a showbiz hiatus is Queen of All Media Kris Aquino. It is no secret to the public that she has some health issues that she needed to take a break for the treatment. It was an autoimmune disease.

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For around two (2) years, Kris would usually be spotted resting at home or flying abroad for the treatment of her condition. Her two (2) sons, Josh and Bimby, have been very supportive and caring to her.

Despite her showbiz hiatus, the fans and supporters of Kris are updated about her through her Instagram account. The actress-talk show host is active on social media.

Undeniably, a lot of the fans and supporters of the actress await her comeback. There were recent rumors of alleged projects for the actress.

Recently, Kris Aquino took to the social media a video confirming a contract signing. She signed a deal with Cornerstone.

In her caption, Kris stated that the contract states about confidentiality thus she did not discuss about it. She expressed her gratitude to Cornerstone and to several other people who contributed to the event.

The Instagram post of Kris Aquino regarding her contract signing with Cornerstone caught the attention of her followers. Here are some of the comments on her post:

@sheytusi: “Congrats!! Excited for your come back”

@banaugasawavfffui: “Hi po miss Kris honestly nakaka miss yong talk show nyo ni tito boy abunda…sana kahit sa fb meron karon duo ni tito boy”

@iamginocanoy: “Hope to see you again in a game show @ABS-CBN”

@vangie.paquette: “Looking fabulous Ms. Aquino!”

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