Xiaomi Launches MIUI 12 In China, Reveals New Features And More

Xiaomi launched MIUI 12 In China! What’s new with this new operating system for its smartphones?

Xiaomi officially launched its latest operating system for its smartphones, the MIUI 12, in China. Check out the OS features below.


The launching of its latest operating system came during its launch event along with its latest smartphone, the Mi 10 Youth Edition.

What’s New?

MIUI 12 has some of these features, including the following:

  • Dark Mode 2.0
    This feature would allow the system to gradually dim the phone’s wallpaper from daytime to night time.
  • Sensory Visual Design
    This feature would allow you to see your phone’s system information presented in the form of infographics (including graphs and diagrams).
  • AI Calling
    This feature would allow you to customize the language and you can also be able to switch between automatic or manual call answering.
  • Enhanced Privacy
    This feature would help you keep track of your phone’s app behavior


As per the report, Xiaomi will release the OS update by batches starting June 2020. For the list of eligible smartphones per batches, you can visit this link.

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