Joshua Salom Continues Vlogging, Starts ‘Self-Quarantine’ Episodes

Joshua Salom continued his vlogging career while staying inside their house in Japan.

Joshua Salom, a Filipino vlogger who graduated his high school in Japan, continued his vlogging career while staying inside their house.

This, as he explained that he wanted to share his experience while having a self-quarantine inside his house in Japan.

Joshua Salom

Vlog 41

Before he started his vlog, he revealed that his previous vlog (with YouTube title School Life in Japan | GRADUATION DAY | VLOG#40) was an “April Fools” entry. He apologized to his followers just because they cried while watching his “last vlog”.

In his vlog, Joshua shared his hobbies and having a bonding with his mother as well. He also shared to his fans that he got accepted in a college school in Japan.

Vlog 42

In his recently-uploaded vlog, he answered some of the questions in the comments section, including his mother’s decision on where to study. According to Joshua, his mother decided for him to study in the Philippines for about two years because of his mental health problem. Though he didn’t reveal much about himself, he said that he will share it in his next vlog.

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