Filipino Nurse in New York Dies of Coronavirus, Wife Shares What Happened

Coronavirus Fatalities in New York Includes Filipino Nurse, Wife Narrates How He Possibly Got It

FILIPINO NURSE – The wife of a Pinoy nurse in New York who died of coronavirus or COVID-19 shared what happened to her husband.

The medical professionals and all people working in hospitals are the frontliners in the fight against the spread of the 2019 coronavirus or COVID-19. Their lives are at risk amid the pandemic while other people can help by staying at home.

Sadly, in the Philippines, several frontliners have died of the said disease. At least twelve (12) doctors and a nurse passed away because of it. Several other doctors and nurses are now fighting for their lives.

Not only in the Philippines but as well as in abroad – there are Filipino medical professionals who contracted the disease while on the service to the people. One of them is a Pinoy nurse in New York, Dennis Guillermo.

Filipino Nurse in New York
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Sadly, based on a report on GMA News, Dennis Guillermo died of coronavirus. The 44-year-old Filipino nurse was working at the Long island Community Hospital in New York. He fought against the disease for thirteen days.

According to the wife of Dennis, Romielyn, her husband is one of the frontliners when the disease was just starting. She expressed that they have no protective gears yet then and they were on the process of setting for the procedures to be done.

Based on the report, the Filipino nurse who died of coronavirus initially tested negative for the disease. Following the “false negative” test result, he was already treated as COVID-19 patient as he was symptomatic.

Dennis’ symptoms worsened and he had to be brought back to the hospital. He then tested positive for the disease. Before he passed away, his wife was able to visit him at the hospital.

“I was able to visit him thrice pero talagang straight with PPE and everything protective gears na ganyan,” Romielyn said.

Following the protocol in handling COVID-19 fatalities, the remains of the Pinoy nurse was cremated right away. It may take a week before his family can get his ashed.

Condolences to the family of Mr. Dennis Guillermo. He’s a hero and may he rest in eternal peace.

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