DOH Taps Google, Senti AI To Centralize COVID-19 Communications

DOH partnered with Google and Senti AI to have a centralized COVID-19-related communications system.

The Department of Health (DOH) partnered with Google and Senti AI in order to have a centralized COVID-19-related communications system.


As part of the country’s efforts in fighting COVID-19 or coronavirus disease, the said system was aimed to improve the distribution of information about COVID-19 or coronavirus disease to local government units (LGUs) and citizens.

The Department of Health, in partnership with Google and Senti AI, provided a chart, which explained:

  • The Department of Health would provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), policy guidelines, and survey questions to Senti AI.
  • Senti AI will analyze the documents from the Department of Health, extract survey questions, and map responses with the use of Google Sheets.
  • The mapped information will be used to train the “Knowledge Base” model which will store up-to-date contents.
  • Senti AI will then develop API endpoints so that different channels could easily integrate the “Knowledge Base” model.
  • Questions from its end-users would be translated by the “Knowledge Base” model, converting user text into structured data.
  • With this, a “Knowledge Management Tool” will develop in order to help the Department of Health easily add, modify, or remove “rapidly-evolving” information related to COVID-19 or coronavirus disease.
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According to Ralph Regalado, the chief executive of Senti AI, they need to “be quick, focused, and united” as they’re working together in order to solve miscommunication and delay problems.

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