Tencent Launches USD 100 Million ‘Global Anti-Pandemic Fund’

Tencent officially launched its USD 100-million fund — the Global Anti-Pandemic Fund.

Tencent officially launched its USD 100-million fund that was designed to help combat the spread of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19, the Global Anti-Pandemic Fund.

The initial fund will be used in purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as other medical supplies — and donate it to hospitals and healthcare workers. Tencent said that the said effort was only the recent from the Shenzhen-based corporation.

Photo from Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

In a press release, Martin Lau, the President of Tencent, said that the company was committed to supporting the global emergency response as Tencent recognized that there was a need for personal protective equipment and other medical supplies when the traditional supply channels can’t meet the surge in need.

At present, the most relevant donations were healthcare supplies as countries were experiencing a mass shortage of important equipment such as face masks and ventilators.

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