Serbia Declares State Of Emergency Over COVID-19

The President Of Serbia Declared State Of Emergency Over COVID-19

The President of Serbia declared a state of emergency in order to put an end to the spread of coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

This, as Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia, said that the new restrictions were necessary to “save our elderly” in the Balkan state of some seven million, which has detected around 50 COVID-19 infections with limited testing.

According to President Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia “will close down to save our lives, to save our parents,” adding that the Serbian military would be mobilized to guard “important sites”, including hospitals where COVID-19 patients were being treated.

Photo from AFP News

Vucic also advised foreigners not to come to Serbia, “except for the Chinese who are called upon to come, their doctors, the people who help us.” The declaration made by President Vucic was confirmed by the country’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, saying that Serbia’s borders “would be closed to all foreigners ‘tonight’ (Sunday in Serbia Time), apart from diplomats and full-time residents.”

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