Facebook Takes Down Trump Ad Disguised As Census Message

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Facebook removed an advertisement from President Donald Trump’s campaign disguised as a census message.

Facebook removed an advertisement from President Donald Trump’s campaign that misled people in believing that it was a message from the US Census.

This, as the said advertisement encouraged readers to “take the official 2020 Congressional District Census,” yet as users opened a “census message”, it directed them to a Trump campaign website.

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Facebook has been recently under pressure from activists who have said that its hand-off policy on political messages allowed the proliferation of misinformation, yet it has also said that it would take down any advertisements or posts which mislead users about the annual census as part of its fact-checking operations.

The said advertisements directed users to a survey asking the people’s personal information — name, age, and contact information — as well as their views of Trump, and then appealed for a “donation”.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out at Facebook for allowing the said advertisements, saying that those advertisements were misleading users. Pelosi added that it was “a robust, unacceptable interference in the Census” on the part of Facebook.

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