Samsung Taps BTS for ‘Connect, BTS’ AR Experience

Samsung officially announced its partnership with KPop group BTS.

Samsung Electronics has officially announced the establishment of its partnership with Korean Pop Group BTS.

This, after Kim Taehyung, a member of BTS who was popularly known as V, appeared on Galaxy S20 phones at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event. The said partnership was previously hinted at the annual business briefing of Big Hit Entertainment.

The promotional and marketing activities of Samsung will appear at the global “Connect, BTS” project of BTS, thus, Samsung will provide an augmented reality (AR) experience for Galaxy users to download in order for the ARMYs to experience the “Connect, BTS” exhibition spaces in virtual reality (VR).

Following the success of the BLACKPINK special edition of Galaxy A80 phone, there might have a possibility that Samsung will produce BTS special edition Galaxy phone.

Photo from allkpop

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