Moira Dela Torre Releases ‘Patawad’, Concludes Song Trilogy

Moira Dela Torre on Friday ended her song trilogy by releasing her latest single “Patawad” which was released under ABS-CBN Star Music.


This, following her singles “Patawad, Paalam” with I Belong To The Zoo and “Paalam” with Ben&Ben.

Her latest single “Patawad”, which was co-written with her husband, Jason Marvin Hernandez, will be included in her upcoming 11-track album, including a “secret” one.

Here is the tracklist for her upcoming album:

  1. Handa, Awit
  2. Kita na Kita
  3. Ang Iwasan
  4. Pahinga
  5. Sabi ni Lola
  6. Kung Maibabalik
  7. E.D.S.A.
  8. Patawad, Paalam
  9. Paalam
  10. Patawad
  11. “Secret Track”

While waiting for her album to release, which was already set on “February 2020”, you can listen to her latest single below:

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