JUST IN: 2 South Africans Confirmed Positive for Coronavirus in Japan

Authorities Confirm 2 South Africans in Japan Tested Positive for Coronavirus

SOUTH AFRICANS – The authorities confirmed that two (2) South African nationals tested positive for coronavirus in Japan.

The rate that the novel coronavirus can infect people is undeniably really fast. It has left China, particularly Wuhan City in Hubei province, under an outbreak.

Currently, Italy, South Korea, and Japan also have increasing cases of coronavirus infection. The global fight against the said disease that was first recorded in China continues.

Many of the passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship that docked in Japan also tested positive for the virus. The people in the vessel were of different races.

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The said cruise ship was quarantined in Japan after one of its passengers who have already disembarked the ship tested positive for coronavirus. No one was allowed to leave the ship for 14-days.

Sadly, every day, more and more coronavirus infections were recorded. Those passengers and crew who tested positive for the disease were brought to local hospitals in Japan.

Filipinos Repatriated
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The 14-day quarantine period is now over. Some countries like the United States and the Philippines have already repatriated their citizens who tested negative for coronavirus.

Recently, an update crossed the surface. Based on Al Jazeera, the authorities revealed that two (2) South Africans were confirmed positive for coronavirus in Japan.

According to the report, the South African nationals were among those who were on-board the Diamond Princess cruise ship that docked in Japan. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases assured that the patients are “treated in Japan and are in good care”.

As of this writing, there are still no further information about it. More updates may be posted soon.

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